Saturday, October 22, 2005

Here I am again...not doing work. Its Saturday though, so I am excusing myself. I wanted to go see a movie this afternoon but its so shitty outside that I decided I will order a pizza and watch a movie that I've already seen a billion times instead. In my pjs. Which is what I've been wearing all day anyways.
I have spent all afternoon on a lot, jill). Apparently, it is some cool friendster-like meet people website. I typically hate those things but Jill said it was cool and Keeza is on it too, and we all know how I hate being out of the I joined and then it stole my afternoon. They have all those cool tests (today i learned that I am a "Window Shopper" who should look for "The Boy Next Door"), its the same people that did
Anyhow, I have zero intention of meeting any of these people. So I will just waste more time that I don't really have taking online tests and looking for pictures of hot guys.
And then when I'm done with this, I will go check out the LOST website and see if I can find some good spoilers for nex week's episode....another thanks to Jill. I am TOTALLY obsessed!
My other new project is helping my sister Amanda find a college. Applying is so different from when I went to college...and it wasn't even that long ago. I remember typing my applications on an ass old typewriter, she's doing them all online. Anyhow, shes interested in culinary school and shes looking here in Philly, which makes me sooo happy. I would LOOVE to have at least a piece of my family closer to me. And all of her wardrobe.

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