Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The traditional gift is paper. I gave him beer.

This past weekend Andrew and I celebrated our first anniversary.  If that seems confusing, it is.  We had our fancy wedding this past May with friends and family and all the drama hoopla, but it was just a do-over.  We actually eloped last December 18 (what can I say, we were lookin for a tax break) in a quiet little just-the-two-of-us ceremony at home in front of our Christmas tree.   It was intended to be a secret, but that didn’t work out. (Story for another time).

Anyhow, Andrew’s brother was staying with us last week and there was something sort of depressing about spending our first anniversary sitting on the couch watching Aziz Asari’s stand-up routine for the third time that week.

So I booked us a room at a B&B up in Lambertville, NJ.  Its right across the Delaware River from the equally adorable and quaint town of New Hope, PA.  My choice of Lambertville was not random.  It is also home to the River Horse Brewery, which is one of our favorites. 

We walked around a bit to kill some time before the next tour.




We made our way ( a whopping 4 blocks) to River Horse for a tour/tasting.  What can I say? I’m an awesome wife.  I’m not really into the tours. The process of making beer is pretty much the same everywhere.  I do like drinking beer. So that’s what I did. And took a couple crappy photos, too.





It was $1 for a tasting at the brewery.  We stayed awhile.


At some point, we stumbled into a wine store who also did tastings.

We stayed there a bit, too.

Then we walked to New Hope, where we found another brewery. This is Andrew’s reaction:


After this, we decided some food in our stomachs was a good idea and made our way to a BYOB, and proceeded to carb load.

We eventually stumbled back to the B&B and fell into bed.

On the way home the next day we found a HUGE flea market.  I thought it would be like thrifting, which I have limited patience for.  But it wasn’t! they had so much cool stuff! I think flea markets are my new “thing.”

Overall, it was about as perfect a time as we could have had.  I didn’t cry and we didn’t argue once.  That’s probably a new record.

I kid. (Not really)

On a sincere note, I am so lucky to be married to my best friend. He makes me laugh till I cough, or pee, or cry, he knows how to fix pretty much anything, he has amazing dancing skills, he brews great beer, he gets up in the middle of the night to take the dog out, he is a really great defensive driver, and he always tells me when I have stuff stuck to my face.

I love you, Andrewwww!!!

Here’s to many more adventures!

This is the only picture taken of us on the night we were married, post 6 glasses of champagne. Sorry we ruined your party, Marina!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mark My Words


In the wake of last Sunday’s Eagles game, I would just like to link to this previous post that I wrote last year.

For the record:  this is still how I feel.  Oh, and I was right about Vick having something to prove and kicking ass. 

I know there’s no loyalty in football but I’m hoping he signs another contract with the Birds, since some of us believed in him all along and I genuinely believe we deserve to win a damn Superbowl.

And no, it still doesn’t excuse his behavior.  But I, for one, am happy to see the conversations being had about him are finally about his current playing and not his past.

Just sayin.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Difference A Few Weeks Makes

Last time I actually wrote a post, I said I was giving up health blogs.

So I did.

But one cannot simply replace hours of blog reading with nothing. So I had to find new blogs to read.  And that, my friends, has led me to the world of fashion blogging! 

What an excellent replacement for me!  Why?  Because it has inspired me to try to remix and reuse some old clothes that have been sulking in the back of my closet for ages.  And because it has sparked a new creativity with regards to my appearance.  And because its fun.

And because it has nothing to do with food. Or working out.  Which is awesome.

And with clothes (i.e. dressing yourself) you just have to work with what you have (in your closet and on your body).  Unless you have a Macy’s card, in which case, you can add deliciously cute wedge pumps like these to your closet and therein find 30 old things that suddenly look amazing with just ONE new thing! Brilliant! (Also they were on sale in store, I did  not pay that much for them.)  Since we all don’t walk around naked anymore (someday, I hope this makes a comeback) you have to put something on your body, whether you love your body or wish it was juuust a little bit different.  So why not make it something wonderful?

Here’s the other thing that makes fashion so healthy (are you listening, Andrew?) : a great outfit feels great on. And when you feel great, you look great! Confidence! Strutting! Actually enjoying my body! 

Ok, I still cried the other day because my jeans were tight and I had to do squats and lunges and then they still gave me a big ‘ol muffin top. But then I got some new stretchy pants (for 20 bucks!) and as soon as I put them on, I thought I might never wear jeans again.

Sometimes I question whether I should still be in therapy, working on my body image, and confidence, and how I’m crazy, and things like that.  But recently, I’m feeling like fashion is so much more constructive for me than therapy.  Here’s why":

* its cheaper (unless your co pays are less than $40 a visit, then maybe not always. I could buy two whole other pair of awesome black pants for that, feel doubly as awesome, and not cry)

* old clothes can always be consigned and re purchased by someone else or donated, therefore the happiness of owning something awesome spreads to others (therapy is usually a solo act)

* No one ever compliments you on how great you look in therapy

* therapy never goes on sale


What’s your favorite therapy?


Disclaimer: I am still in my (very UNfashionable) pjs. What? I work from home and its Friday. No one’s perfect. Don’t worry, I’ll get dressed before 5.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Health Blogosphere Blew Up…and I Kind of Just Don’t Care Anymore


So earlier this week, the health blogosphere, which I do spend a great deal of time in, sort of imploded.  The controversy started over an article that appeared in Marie Claire and addressed the issue of health blogs and disordered eating.  This is a topic that I have always been a bit interested in and so to see it finally addressed was, on one hand, a bit of a relief.  On the other hand, the article was really poorly written and spent more time attacking the 6 bloggers mentioned than it did actually addressing the issue at hand.  Maybe you’re not all aware, but the health blog world people are bat shit crazy a little wacky.  Readers and bloggers alike are very loyal to each other in a codependent, cliquey kind of way.  (Maybe it’s because most of them ARE bloggers themselves?)

Anyhow, the 6 bloggers featured all issued rebuttals of the article on their own blogs (all except one) and then encouraged their readers to send letters to the editor and blow up Marie Claire's facebook page.

What has occurred since is an insane backlash against Marie Claire and its editors from the healthy blog community.  I am totally irked by this response as it has almost completely overshadowed what could be a really productive dialogue about healthy living blogs and the role they play in the realm of disordered eating.  Anyhow, I’ve scoured the interwebs for the best commentary on the article and I found it HERE.

Rachel pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about the issue and provides a fair and honest assessment of the article and the issues at hand.  Additionally, there is some excellent dialogue happening in the comments section of the same post.  I strongly encourage you to read and participate in the conversation, especially if you are not particularly into healthy living blogs. (A range of outsider perspectives is seriously missing from this debate.)

So as this all was happening yesterday, I got to thinking about these blogs and how I myself read 4 them regularly.  I was trying to figure out WHY I read them, and more specifically,what keeps me coming back day after day.  And the long and short of it is that reading these blogs allows me to keep my eating disorder alive, without actually engaging in eating disordered practices.  (Note I say “practices” and not behaviors, because I think reading these blogs obsessively is a behavior.)  I don’t think I really noticed it until all of these discussions surfaced yesterday, but I am fairly certain now that these blogs are not doing me, personally, any favors.  I have gotten some great things from them, but the majority of these things are in the realm of cooking and recipes and creative ways to incorporate vegetables into meals.  But even then, as I prepare meals, I can’t help but compare them to the meals on the blogs I’ve seen.  Same with my exercise.

I suppose that after awhile, the reader feels that they know the blogger, and develops some sort of attachment to their life.  But that’s not me.  In fact, there is one health blog I read for the sole purpose of making fun of the blogger (since I’m being all honest here) because I find her lifestyle, meals, and worldview so far from reality that it is genuinely entertaining.   I mean, seriously. How relatable is someone who has no actual job, gets free stuff in the mail daily, makes a living cooking and working out and writing about it, and virtually never has issues with money?  Reading that shit just pisses me off.  It doesn’t make me want to do anything that she does, including watch endless episodes of Gossip Girl in the middle of the day.  But I digress…

As you may recall, I sprained both ankles back in April and had to abandon the race I was training all winter for.  Then, I blogged about how the injury had forced me to slow down, be mindful, and take it easy.  I took 12 weeks off running, which is probably the longest break I’ve taken in the past 10 years.  I truly believe that the break resulted in me being more relaxed, happy, calm and stress-free than I had been in years. If not ever.

So I’ve just been trying since then to chill out about working out.  I read an article in Wired (great bathroom reading, btw) recently about stress and all the lesser known factors that contribute to it, based on a study this guy did on baboons.  Anyhow, turns out one of those factors is “forcing yourself to go to the gym.”  I’ll take any excuse to not HAVE to work out, but basically what it says is that if you don’t WANT to go to the gym and you force yourself to suffer through an unbearable workout (how many times a week do we do this? seriously.) then we may not be doing our bodies any favors.  I am not a scientist or anything, but I know that when I am less stressed out, I just FEEL better.  I have more energy, I sleep better, I argue with my husband less, and I have been known to lose a couple pounds.  For me, the more I fight and train and obsess about losing pounds, the more my body wants to hang onto them. I don’t know if there’s any science behind it, but it is my empirical observation of myself.


The one thing that goes hand in hand with disordered eating (one the MC article barely touches on) is the idea of comparison.  And this is what I see is the problem with health blogs for me, and with the idea of health blogs in general: the constant comparisons of readers and bloggers alike to each other.  What they ate for breakfast, how fast they ran 4 miles, how many glasses of wine they (shouldn’t have) had to drink.  Its INSANE!! If you read through those blogs you will find a disturbingly common thread.  They all have an obsession with pumpkin, and oatmeal and chia seeds and nutritional yeast (wtf even IS that shit?).  They all eat the same thing.  They all do the same workouts.  Its an entire subculture of the blind leading the blind. 

I like to think I’m smarter than that.  I’ve been sucked in, admittedly, but I am stepping away now. I’ve spent WAY too much money on therapy to not know better at this point. Its not good for me, my health, my body image, or my marriage.  I don’t need to run a 5k in 22 minutes to count for something.  Just the fact that I like to run (only a couple times a week) and that I do my best should be is enough for me. 

I do not like chia seeds. Pumpkin is really only good in pies, beer and cookies. I will throw down a bottle of wine by myself occasionally.  Because I LIKE to.  My favorite foods will ALWAYS pizza and nachos.  My husband thinks I’m beautiful (although not so much in the mornings).  My family (and in-laws) are hilarious and wonderful. I will never run a marathon. I have the BEST friends in the entire universe.  And a few extra pounds.



Please feel free to weigh in here on those articles. I’m all about the freedom of expression. And honesty. And food. Obviously.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Summer?

Whoah.  That went fast.  Sorry that I didn’t blog all summer.  I was sweating my ass off and the thought of exerting myself anymore than I had to just made me need more deodorant.  Seriously. Hottest. Summer. Ever.  Peco (our energy company) is so thoughtful that they provide us with annual comparables on our bills and last year in July, the annual temp was 71 degrees. This year? 89.  I am not so naieve as to suggest that this is hard evidence of global warming, but I am pretty sure a few extra feet of ice melted in the poles this summer. Just sayin.


So anyhow, we have had a very eventful summer! (Although, as I look back through the pictures, it seems lame.)

After we got back from Greece, we had two receptions for extended families: one in Jersey and one in upstate NY (mucho driving). 


We had a festive 4th of July.


We went to a wedding.


We met some cool rats.


I baked a lot of pies and cookies.

cookies pie

Aaaand, we adopted a puppy!!!

Meet Ginny!

_MG_0476 charlie&gin _MG_0492

I am completely in love with her!  Charlie and Mr. Puss are not.  Expect to see a lot more of her, though! She is so photogenic and hilarious!

It was a crazy summer. But I’m ready for fall! I’m all set for apples (an excuse to make more pies, perhaps?) and pumpkins, sweaters and cute boots!  Hands down, my most favorite season!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kalimera, Peeps!

That means “Good Morning” in Greek.  But this is going to be a marathon post so I have no idea what time of day it will eventually get published.

Oh man, Greece was superfunawesome! We visited Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and Athens.  In that order.  I sort of wish we had gone in reverse order, because we liked some places better than others and, no offense to Athens, I would have preferred to spend the last night of my honeymoon chillin on a beach with a drink, instead of trucking down busy city streets just like the ones we have here in Philly.

Anywhoooo, I have 2 million pictures so I will just give you some highlights. In the interest of full disclosure, I will also tell you that I gained 5 pounds on my honeymoon. I ate like a king and drank like a sorority chick. All while sporting a bikini. And it was glorious!

First up, the food (highlights):

P6150087 Two HUGE boots of Mythos, gyro with steak fries and tsatziki (they do them kind of deconstructed instead of all wrapped up), garlic dip (has a potatoe base), greek salad (no lettuce! and a whole brick of feta!)


Grilled mushrooms and (the best) moussaka


Lunch on the balcony in Santorini. Greek salad, roast beef on whole wheat baguette with mango chutney. And steak fries! They put oregano on their salads and fries and it is DELISH!


Fried cheese wrapped in phyllo dough, with pistachios and honey. You can’t go wrong with fried cheese. Ever.


Andrew’s fresh fish before.  The waiter wanted to de-bone it for him but he insisted her do it himself.


Andrew’s fish after. The waiter was seriously impressed.


My risotto with shrimp at Ambrosia


Andrew’s pork chops


This is a bad picture but the waitress described the special as “pasta with lobster.” 58 euro later….


Clams on the beach in Mykonos.

Next up, the sights!

Chania, Crete:







The Cretan Countryside:




Heraklion, Crete and Knossos:























(Mykonos isn’t very pretty)










Is that enough pictures for one post?  Good.  Sorry that took so long. I got bored in the middle and took a break. For a week.

Back with regular blog posts soon! Woot!