Monday, October 04, 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Summer?

Whoah.  That went fast.  Sorry that I didn’t blog all summer.  I was sweating my ass off and the thought of exerting myself anymore than I had to just made me need more deodorant.  Seriously. Hottest. Summer. Ever.  Peco (our energy company) is so thoughtful that they provide us with annual comparables on our bills and last year in July, the annual temp was 71 degrees. This year? 89.  I am not so naieve as to suggest that this is hard evidence of global warming, but I am pretty sure a few extra feet of ice melted in the poles this summer. Just sayin.


So anyhow, we have had a very eventful summer! (Although, as I look back through the pictures, it seems lame.)

After we got back from Greece, we had two receptions for extended families: one in Jersey and one in upstate NY (mucho driving). 


We had a festive 4th of July.


We went to a wedding.


We met some cool rats.


I baked a lot of pies and cookies.

cookies pie

Aaaand, we adopted a puppy!!!

Meet Ginny!

_MG_0476 charlie&gin _MG_0492

I am completely in love with her!  Charlie and Mr. Puss are not.  Expect to see a lot more of her, though! She is so photogenic and hilarious!

It was a crazy summer. But I’m ready for fall! I’m all set for apples (an excuse to make more pies, perhaps?) and pumpkins, sweaters and cute boots!  Hands down, my most favorite season!


Sarah P said...

It's so cold here today!
I made L and H baked apples last night for dessert, and they pretty much think I'm the best mom ever now.
(H. even ignored the ice cream on the side and ate the apple down to the tiny little piece with the stem on it.)
Yay, Fall!

Leslie said...

Cutest puppy EVER!