Friday, November 12, 2010

The Difference A Few Weeks Makes

Last time I actually wrote a post, I said I was giving up health blogs.

So I did.

But one cannot simply replace hours of blog reading with nothing. So I had to find new blogs to read.  And that, my friends, has led me to the world of fashion blogging! 

What an excellent replacement for me!  Why?  Because it has inspired me to try to remix and reuse some old clothes that have been sulking in the back of my closet for ages.  And because it has sparked a new creativity with regards to my appearance.  And because its fun.

And because it has nothing to do with food. Or working out.  Which is awesome.

And with clothes (i.e. dressing yourself) you just have to work with what you have (in your closet and on your body).  Unless you have a Macy’s card, in which case, you can add deliciously cute wedge pumps like these to your closet and therein find 30 old things that suddenly look amazing with just ONE new thing! Brilliant! (Also they were on sale in store, I did  not pay that much for them.)  Since we all don’t walk around naked anymore (someday, I hope this makes a comeback) you have to put something on your body, whether you love your body or wish it was juuust a little bit different.  So why not make it something wonderful?

Here’s the other thing that makes fashion so healthy (are you listening, Andrew?) : a great outfit feels great on. And when you feel great, you look great! Confidence! Strutting! Actually enjoying my body! 

Ok, I still cried the other day because my jeans were tight and I had to do squats and lunges and then they still gave me a big ‘ol muffin top. But then I got some new stretchy pants (for 20 bucks!) and as soon as I put them on, I thought I might never wear jeans again.

Sometimes I question whether I should still be in therapy, working on my body image, and confidence, and how I’m crazy, and things like that.  But recently, I’m feeling like fashion is so much more constructive for me than therapy.  Here’s why":

* its cheaper (unless your co pays are less than $40 a visit, then maybe not always. I could buy two whole other pair of awesome black pants for that, feel doubly as awesome, and not cry)

* old clothes can always be consigned and re purchased by someone else or donated, therefore the happiness of owning something awesome spreads to others (therapy is usually a solo act)

* No one ever compliments you on how great you look in therapy

* therapy never goes on sale


What’s your favorite therapy?


Disclaimer: I am still in my (very UNfashionable) pjs. What? I work from home and its Friday. No one’s perfect. Don’t worry, I’ll get dressed before 5.


Leslie said...

Shawna and I were just discussing how wearing super cute dresses and skirts completely eliminates the need for jean lunges. It's a wonderful solution!

If walking around naked comes back, I'm so all about it. As long as I can wear cute shoes still.

Sarah P said...

Holy. Jebus.

I have been reading those damn blogs for months, and I finally got off my ass and started working on personal style.

Which ones are you reading?

In Easton, there's a store called Frugalicious. And it is. It's a consignment shop.