Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Running Fool. Drinking Veggies

So Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run has been swearing by this Amazing Meal stuff for weeks now. Both her and her boyfriend have been drinking in in place of their morning coffee, and both have lots more energy for the day. I am SOOO envious of this so I'm going to get myself some (it can't be any worse than all the other supplements I try to take for energy), but in the meantime, I have been experimenting with ways to make sure I get all my greens and vegetables in.

This weekend, our friends went on their honeymoon and dropped off all their produce for us so it wouldn't go bad. Then, we had a CSA pick up on Saturday. Needless to say, we ended up with produce out the WAZ-OOO!

I really have to give props to Andrew for most of this, he has come up with some amazingly creative (and TASTY) dishes for us.
On Saturday night, we took zucchini lasagna to a friend's going away party. Instead of using pasta lasagna, we sliced them thin the long way and layered zucchini in between marinara sauce and ricotta/mozzarella cheese. Just bake and viola! It was a hit at the party. Although I don't see how anything that includes cheese can not be a hit.

Side note: I have discovered smoked gouda. WHERE has this stuff been all my life?! I'm obsessed! It's my new favorite cheese. Sorry, Laughing Cow.

Earlier on Saturday, I wasn't feeling so hot so I decided I needed a veggie pick me up. I blended a couple strawberries with some watermelon cubes, a HUGE handful of spinach, and some protein powder to make a delicious fresh drink. I swear it was an instant energy boost!
This is the protein powder I use. Its got all kinds of good stuff in it and it has a yummy vanilla-ish smell to it. (It doesn't taste as vanilla as it smells, though)

I highly recommend this site Vitaglo for all your vitamins, supplements and so on. They have a great selection and even better prices!

The most delicious part of my drink was the blended watermelon. SO fresh and juicy. I've read that Kath has made a drink with blended watermelon, but she adds a little vodka to hers. A girl after my own heart....
I've been having these spinach protein drinks every morning and I have been feeling good (and, er, regular).

Today, I feel like I got hit by a bus but I had a hard workout yesterday...and ice cream, so it's my fault.

Anyhow, as of last night, we had turnips, two bunches of asparagus, a bunch of carrots and a huge bucket of kale that was all in danger of going bad. So Andrew whipped up a delicious creamed vegetable soup. I didn't pay too close attention, but I know he started by sauteeing the turnips and carrots with onions and then added the asparagus and some chicken stock. When the veggies were soft, he blended them up and added in some half and half and seasonings. We froze most of it, but oh boy, was it ever yummy! In fact, I'm having it for lunch right now!

(with half a banana and peanut butter, a laughing cow wedge and a couple crackers-don't worry, I'm saving my veggies for dinner)

I know this soup doesn't look like much but it is DAAAMNN good! Thanks, Andrew!

Also, thanks to whoever left those beautiful orchids on our front steps this weekend-SO pretty!

On the exercise front, this weekend is our relay triathalon. I'm excited and a little nervous. My running sneaks have been giving me blisters and I know its time for some new kicks (b/c they have also been irritating my ankles) but I have to get through the race with these ones. Buying new shoes five days before a race is a BAD IDEA. Andrew is going to pick me up some inserts today and maybe that will help. Then, next week, I'm off to Philadelphia Runner to get refitted.

Yesterday, I ran 3 miles in 30 minutes flat, so I'm thinking that I can do my 5k portion of the race in 32 minutes, maybe less since I usually sprint the end of races and not my training runs. That's my goal. If there aren't any hills on the course, I'm golden. If there are, I may come in around 33 minutes. I plan on it being very hot and humid but I have a sweet mp3 mix to get me moving. I'm the last to go (after the swim and bike), so there will be plenty of time to stretch out, sit around and let the adrenaline build up. Then afterwards, we drink! Beer!

Geeze, is it only Tuesday?? This week's gonna be a dragger, I predict.
Make sure you eat (or drink) your veggies!

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andrew said...

Too bad Now stopped making Lean Grow... They said that men were scared of it because it had soy, even though it's soy isolate. Alas, we'll just have to make our own long-lasting broad-bioavailability protein mix.