Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Let's Just Pretend

..that I was doing something TOTALLY amazing instead of just plain old not blogging.

It's been a month and a crap load of stuff has been going on, so I'll try to keep this brief and as interesting as possible.

1) I Overtrained
A few weeks ago, my body had a total breakdown. I did some research and determined that I was more than likely over training. I was actually starting to put weight on and my workouts were becoming a lot less effective. Turns out, its not a great idea to do an intense cardio workout before an intense lifting session. That seems obvious, bu for some reason I thought that I was "kicking it up a notch." I wasn't. So I backed off a bit, added in an extra rest day and separated intense cardio days from intense lifting days. I feel much better, my workouts are far more productive (except yesterday, but I was just not feeling it).
I don't know about you guys, but when I get into a workout routine, I get a little obsessed. I bug out if I take more than 2 days in between workouts. Its a problem because I never give myself enough rest. I think I'm really pushing myself if I workout everyday, but it really isn't doing me any favors. There are a bunch of competing theories on rest and how much is appropriate, but everyone in the interwebs agrees that rest (at least 1-2 days) is essential to great workouts. So I'm trying that now and it seems to be working. My performance is improving and I've been able to really stretch out my cardio days and do a solid hour of running or elliptical a couple times a week.

2) We Went to Some Weddings
We have been to a lot of weddings recently. I love weddings! (Going to them, not planning them).
We have had way to much to drink and have consumed far too many calories. But we danced! Oh, how we danced (and fell. And danced some more).

Only one more wedding to attend and then OURS! That means I have only one more chance to try and catch a damned bouquet! Ever!

3) I Have Been Working Like a Crazy Person
This time of the year is SUPER busy for my work. This means I have been running all over the state of Pennsylvania attending various events for my organization. I have probably had way too much coffee and have over done it on the free meals. On top of the craziness of my job, I have to find time to schedule in surgery on my elbow, attend various community events, be a coach for a seminar we have coming up, and find time to see friends (I know you're out there!).

4) Guests, Galore!
We also had some house guests. First, Matt came for a weekend (Hi, Matt! Look! A new post!). We did a power hour, ate pizza and watched movies. Totally unproductive. But fun!
Then Andrew's brother came for an entire week. I will not elaborate on this week other than to say that it was very, very, very long.

5) I Had Some Fun!
*We went to see Allison's show for the Fringe Festival and it was great! Hil. Arious.
*We attended a seminar on "Reimagining Vacant Land" wherein the city of Philadelphia took some pointers from Flint, Michigan. A sad day when Flint, Michigan is doing better than Philly. (No offense, Flint. Actually, props to Flint. They are efficient and effective. At least when it comes to vacant land. I was impressed.)
*We went to a fundraiser for Neighborhood Bike Works, complete with a happy hour!
*I had my first MRI. It was awful. I guess this shouldn't be under the "fun" category...
* We went to open mic light at the comedy club. The first acts were terrible but the later ones were GREAT! And it was free!
* I got a massage. It wasn't great but it made my mind feel better.
* We got an honorable mention in the City Gardens Contest! Not bad for our first year! It also gets us free tickets to the Flower Show! Score!
* I have had had some delicious Oktoberfests, and pumpkin beers, and apples! I LOOOVE fall!

Soooooo, that's what I've been up to. What about you?


sian-girlgetstrong said...

how cute are you guys?? love your site-would love to rec your posts by emails-can I? Fall is my fav time of year too!

Sarah Pearce said...

Awesome sauce. I was totally hoping for a new blog post today.

Maybe a brisk walk on your rest day would make you feel a little better about resting?

I always feel anxious when I don't exercise. (Says the girl who hasn't exercised seriously in two weeks.)

Becky said...

Hmm let me look into that email post thing! I bet Andrew knows how to do it! I'll keep you "posted!" hahaha! oh, I'm so lame. :-)