Thursday, June 10, 2010

False Advertising. (Or Something Like It)

In anticipation of my honeymoon to Greece this weekend (!!!) , I decided that I needed another bathing suit.  The one I have now is a strappy halter top tankini from JCrew.  I like it, its fine, but it gives me really weird tan lines. So when I sunbathe in my backyard (in the city, so trashy. Whatever.), I take the straps off and (if I’m lucky) only manage to flash Andrew in the process.  So I thought that I should look into get a bandeau-type top (just for when I lay out in the sun) so I can avoid the shuffling around and flashing.  JCrew makes a matching bandeau top for my bottoms but its like $60 and I don’t feel like spending that kind of cash right now.  I noticed a lot of mis-matched suits are in style so I thought I’d look for a cheaper printed top to go with the solid bottoms.

This eventually brought me to Victoria’s Secret.  Now, just for reference, here is the color of my bathing suit from the JCrew website:


(That’s the expensive top that goes with my bottom)

Anywhooo, after surfing around on VS for awhile (and consulting Jill, my resident fashion expert) I decided on this top:

New Picture

I thought the top would look super cute with the plain orange bottom.

Alas, here is what arrived:


Fail, Victoria’s Secret.  FAIL!

This is the trashiest, fluorescent orange shit I have ever seen! Not only is the color way off, but that “gold” circle in the middle (which looks tasteful and almost like wood in the picture) is like the grossest fake gold I have ever seen! Even worse than the crap they sell in those stores on South Street.  Places like this.

I was so disgusted, I sent it back immediately.  This is definitely not the first time I have sent back clothing from Victoria’s Secret. When will I learn!?!?

Dear Victoria’s Secret,

Stick to underwear and bras. Your clothes, bathing suits, shoes

and everything else you sell is crap.




Naturally, Target saved the day. Again. I found this little (WAY cheap) ditty there yesterday. And it matches perfectly.

Go figure.

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