Monday, February 07, 2011

Oh, Hai

Am I the only person who gets all sad and anxious on Sunday nights in anticipation of Mondays? It totally ruins the last few of my weekends, no matter how much awesome happened before it.

And this weekend was no different. I fiddled with my training plan some more and got a massage on Friday. The plan was originally to do 4 miles of fartleks but I didn’t want to ruin my massage. Sort of like not wanting to ruin my manicure by folding laundry.   I took a rest day and instead spent many hours dancing my butt off at the Girl Talk concert. And drinking vodka. Heck yes.

Saturday I ventured up to Drexel for the Philadelphia Materials Science Day, which Andrew planned and executed. It was fun and really interesting. I heard a cool talk about how (contrary to popular belief) a good portion of the pyramids were cast stone, not carved. I also made some foam, helped build a giant nanotube out of balloons, and ate a cookie.  Andrew did a great job with the event, I am very proud of him!

On Sunday, we had a family birthday lunch/dinner at Ekta, which is the greatest Indian restaurant in the universe, and then watched the train wreck that was the Superbowl performers (I’m looking at you, Black Eyed Peas).

And I did 5 miles on the treadmill. It was easy. As in not challenging and I didn’t even sweat that much easy.  My training plan has me doing my weekly long runs 30 seconds-1minute below race pace.  (This is for me only and for the purposes of injury prevention, some people may work up in speed and distance faster.) Either way, I cannot believe I’m saying 5 miles was easy.  I am giving credit to ample rest and the speed work I’ve been doing on my shorter distance runs. It works! Who knew?

Here’s what I did this week:

Monday: 3 miles at race pace (10 minute miles but I’m considering upping this to 9:30 or 9, depending on how my next long run feels)

Tuesday: thebestyogaclassever

Wed: 3 miles at 9:30

Thursday: Off (sore)

Friday: Off 

Sat: Crosstraining & 30 Day Shred

Sun: 5 miles at 10:15

I really think that I need a Garmin for my race training, so that I can figure out my pacing and splits when its finally nice enough to run outside.  Does anyone have any good suggestions for ones that don’t cost 6 million dollars?

I’m ready for the weekend. 


Too soon?


Sarah P said...

So jealous. That sounds so healthy and fun. Every time I'm ready to start working out again, I get another effing cold. Damn germ bags.

emily said...

umm What about your Saturday night?

I'm glad you're feeling good with. Rub some of that motivation off on me, please.

Joe gets the same way on Sunday nights. I probably would if I had a job.