Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This blog is so boring

I am fully aware that no one reads my blog except for me and the occasional Facebook stalker. I want to change this, I really do. I just can't think of enough consistently interesting things in my life to blab on about. I read an article in WIRED recently on how to get "internet famous." (I can't make the links work, but its on their site)
It appears that shameless self-promotion is the best way to go. But the part that fascinated me the most is that some of the most famous internet celebrities aren't the Perez Hilton's (although I ADORE him) who embrace a particular genre, they're Plain Jane people! People who have hours to devote to cataloguing their lives: posting pictures of their pets, their gardens. Twittering (I still have NO idea what this is) every 5 minutes about what they're doing THAT second, reminiscing about how interesting the shit they took this morning was. Its fascinating to me! Gossip rags are fun (www.dlisted.com, www.tmz.com) and I read them religiously, but there is something in the disconnect that we as everyday Joe Schmos have with celebrities. I'm convinced that it's why we flock to these internet celebrities who write about buying groceries, work sucking and getting a run in your pantyhose 5 minutes before a meeting (in January)--because we can actually relate to them. Some of us, I would argue, actually find comfort in them. I personally, feel much better knowing that there are other chicks out there who only mean to have a glass of wine and drink 2 bottles and who would rather watch jeopardy in their pjs instead of go to a club. They're just like me, but more interesting. Maybe they're not. I dunno. But people are reading their shit, not mine. Prior to now, I have only posted blogs occasionally about things that piss me off. I think now I will try to post about regular everyday stuff. Maybe at least my family will read it?

Anyhow, here's some "everyday" stuff that I'm loving right now:

My new washer and dryer ...

pretty much kick ass. I know I'm approaching 30 because I'm excited about appliances. But they're energy efficient, front loading, and I don't have to even bend over to switch loads. Thing I did not love: installing the dryer vent (which involved crawling behind a wall with power tools) which basically runs the length of the house.

Skoy Cloths

These cloths are reusable and one of them replaces 15 rolls of paper towels. AND you can put them in the washer! Which is a direct correlation to another thing I love (see above).

Post Secret

Sometimes I feel a little like a voyeur reading other people's secrets, especially since I've never sent in one of my own.

Okay I think I'm done for today. But coming soon is a new niece and my 10 year high school reunion! Pictures and drama to follow, I'm sure...

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