Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WARNING: Shameless Gushing!

Last weekend we welcomed the newest addition to the Oot clan, Grace Marie. I booked it to Syracuse on Thursday morning even though I was pretty sure I would miss the birth. Luckily for me Grace is one of those chicks who just cannot be rushed (both mom and anxious waiting room denizens thank you, Grace). She took her sweet ass time arriving, finally "heading out" after 12 hours of serious labor. My trooper of a sister managed to get through about 8 hours before she gave up and asked for the drugs. I was impressed; I was damn near certain that she wouldn't last 3 contractions. Little Gracie arrived at 8:36pm and weighed 7 pounds and a few ounces (3 maybe? Sorry, Amanda!)
Anyhow, she's home now and SO cute (be honest, most newborns are fugly).

Both mom and baby are doing well. And Aunt Steph can't get enough of Grace, apparently Nate and Trev are old news :-) I still think they're the biggest hams I know, see?

When I got back from NY, Andrew had already left for Wyoming(the whole state looks like a postcard) so I had the house to myself for a week. This basically meant that I ate cereal for dinner and watched as much reality tv as I could cram into 7 days. It rained a lot so I got out of watering the plants on two separate days, which was cool. I don't mind watering the plants, but I do sort of get annoyed when I have to douse myself in OFF! just to spend 15 minutes outside in the yard (especially if its after my morning shower). Flipping mosquitoes! If anyone knows how to get rid of an entire yard of them, I'm taking all practical, outlandish and amusing suggestions!
Happy Hump Day!
P.S. Whatever time it says this blog was published is wrong. 4.5 hours wrong, to be exact. Does anyone know how to fix that?

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