Monday, October 06, 2008

Shamless Plugging

Peppermint Giveaways

I'm digressing from my fitness obsession for two minutes to tell you about this page I found today. They have tons of great giveaways and showcase a bunch of really unique, handmade products from all over the place. I love supporting the little guys, so check it out (all 2 of you who read this) and enter to win some free stuff.

On other news, October 15th is National Blog Action Day 2008. This year's topic is poverty. I'm not sure exactly how I'll write about this yet, but I will definitely be participating. Anyone who has a blog should, really. Blogging has become a powerful way for previously unheard voices to speak their truth. If you've got a blog, sign up and participate. It only takes 2 minutes.

In other news, Bruce Springsteen gave a free concert on the Parkway today for Obama. It would be awesome if I could say for sure that all 50,000 attendees were also Obama supporters, but I can't. Although, Bruce had some very important things to say about this country and our future. Maybe he was able to sway some of those people who are undecided, he is The Boss afterall....
Shout out to Keeza for the sweet 5-feet-from-the-stage tickets! Bruce was pretty much sweating on us. It was awesome.
Other shout outs to:
The Phillies! For kicking some Brewers ass in game 4
To Chase Utley for being so damn CUTE!
To Brian Westbrook for bouncing back from an injury to do some damage in a seriously tough game (but the rest of you, except for Dawkins, are on my shit list)
To the South Philly Tap Room for an awesome grilled cheese sandwich (and the return of specials!)
To me, for kicking my own ass on a Sunday morning
To the dude I ran past 3 times who told me I'm inspiring
And to Andrew, for emptying the dishwasher this morning!

A quick update, the interval training is going well. Its seriously hard. On Friday and Sunday I did the Shred and then followed it with 20 minutes of interval training (running). Then I read an article that suggested doing interval training before a cardio or strength training workout to burn the extra trigylcerides (fat molecules) released by the body after a workout. Because women's muscles use more of these fat molecules for energy than men's, when we start exercising again, we have a bunch of extra fat molecules laying around to convert into energy, which means we burn more off than we would in a plain, old steady state workout. It sounds intriguing, so I may switch up the interval training and the Shred and see what happens. Pretty soon, I'm going to need some new workouts to keep me busy once the weather gets cold and I can't run outside anymore. Suggestions welcome...

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