Thursday, December 04, 2008

(Mostly) Totally Unrelated

Oh man I just LOOOOOVE this time of year! Last night, I caught Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (the original, with Burl Ives) on prime time TV. I was SOO excited because every year I miss it and have to rent it instead. But this year, I got to see it the way I did when I was a kid: broken up into 7 minute segments and stretched out over an hour, with butt loads of commercials in between. I sang along to all of the songs, I laughed out loud at Hermie (he's my favorite!), I was all alone on the couch... it was glorious! I think I already missed the Grinch, but I saw commericals for Frosty, so hopefully I'll be able to catch that one, too!
I am also obsessed with the 24 hour Christmas music station. The othe rnight I heard "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" for the first time this year. My grandma used to get offended when we sang it to her, but it always makes me laugh.
This weekend we are getting our tree and decorating! I can't wait to hang all of our stockings from the railing (we have one for each of us and our pets). Maybe I will go all out and bake some cookies too!

I got on the scale this morning for the first time in over a week. The good news is that I didn't gain any weight over Thanksgiving. The bad news is I didn't lose any either. I'm about 6 pounds off from my intended goal, according to my Body Bugg program. Its coming off VEEERRRRY slowly, but at least its coming off. Oh, and my body fat is down aobut 5% overall. Remember I was experimenting with taking that Milk Thistle that I read helps liver function? I've been taking it for about 8 weeks or so. I honestly don't think its had any major effects. I've dropped 16 pounds and 5% body fat, which I think is pretty average. I would expect that if the Milk Thistle was working, my body fat would be much lower, but who knows? Its not hurting anything and there aren't any negative side effects so I think I will keep taking it for a bit.
Only 3 more weeks till Christmas! Which means I need to get back on track to losing 2 pounds per week (I've been averaging about half a pound per week). I am determined to stay focused even though I'm all crazy and giddy with holiday excitement and parties and fun stuff!!
Now, if only we had some snow.... ;-)


HangryPants said...

Hi! I found your blog at Love of Oats! I wanted to say there was a radio contest this morning asking what was wrong with the doll on the island of miss fits. Do you know?

MizFit said...

you can so do the three pounds a week and youre well on your way because today was SUCH a great eating and exercise day, yes?? :)

I love this time of year. though Im partial to Elf and Fred Claus. I trashy that way :)

Becky said...

HI Hangry!That's funny that you mention the contest because she ALWAYS bugged me! There was nothing wrong with her (at least not that I could tell in the 45 million times I've seen the movie). But I got super curious after reading your post and googled, er, researched the topic. The creator, Alan Rankin, when asked said that her problem was "psychological," which seemed weird and way too advanced for a kids program. From what I've read, she wasn't an original charachter but was added later to bring conformity to the song they sing "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Most people think Rankin just made up his explanation to cover his butt for putting in a character hastily and not making her a visible "misfit." I love this movie even MORE now!!
Hey Mizzz!! Today was an okay eating day but I'm taking the exercise easy per my chiropractor's request. I've been having back pain for a few weeks now and (upon further inspection) he has determined that I have a HUUUGE spasm that goes all the way down the right side of my back. Fun stuff. I'm back to running tomorrow though. I got a hot little black number I need to look good in for a holiday party coming up! :-)