Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh the Irony..

Okay, so I have decided that I LOVE going to the gym first thing in the morning. I like it for several reasons:
1) hardly anyone is there = no wait for equipment
2) I've burned 1000 calories by the time I get in the shower at 8am
3) I have my WHOOOOLE night free (to cook dinner, do laundry, read my book, watch tv, bake cookies-whatever I fricken FEEL like, basically. Happy Hour, what?)
4) I have my whole MIND free (as in I don't spend the whole day dreading the gym and the things I hate about it and instead I can focus totally on blogs and gossip rags. and occasionally work.)
5) I feel basically awesome all day long (as long as I have a cup of coffee for my mid afternoon after-lunch slump)
6) No creepy TV watching guy (there is this guy at my gym-kinda old, always wears black sweatpants-and I've NEVER seen him work out. All he does is stand by the treadmills and ellipticals and watch TV. For HOURS. Its weird. And annoying. And when he's there, I get SO distracted on the treadmill thinking about why he never works out and why he doesn't just wacth tv at home....but I digress)

Great, right? With a list like that, I should have NO PROBLEM going to the gym in the morning.

I HATE getting up early and I HATE mornings.
But other than that, I'm totally sold on the morning gym visits.

We had a really low key weekend. I ran some errands, grocery shopped, read my book, had lunch with Andrew's was really nice. This week I have a million things to do: planning for our holiday party next weekend whilst trying to find our foster dog a new home, fix the leak in the roof, do 7 million loads of laundry, clean, bake cookies for my office-mates, and prep for our travel next week. (I yawned just WRITING all of that!) I'm in for a CRAZY week, I guess!

Here's our Christmas tree (we decorated last weekend):

Oh, and I'm still in a fight with the scale. I'm giving it the silent treatment.


Leslie said...

Hahaha, I hear ya, I wish I could convince myself that morning workouts are a good idea! No matter how much I tell myself that, it's just so much easier to pretend my alarm didn't go off... Your tree looks good!!!

And p.s., I'm going to the post office to mail you tea tomorrow!

Becky said...

YAY! Tea! I can't wait to try it!!!