Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Developments (or, the reason for my absence)

I admit it. I took a break from blogging for the holidays. And then I just let the break drag on a little longer, and a little longer. It finally got to the point where I had been away so long, I didn't even know what to write. I would sit there with my computer and Andrew would say "why don't you blog a little?" and I'd say "okay." And then watch an old episode of The Hills or catch up on my gossip rags. I have had negative motivation to recount all of the holiday cookies, quarts of wine, and bricks of cheese I have consumed in the past month. So I just won't. That was last year.

I thought about copping out and doing one of those "end of year" reflection surveys, but I have done so much reflection these past few weeks, that I'm pretty much over it. So I'm only looking forward now. And oh boy, do I have some EXCITING things to look forward to!!

First, I didn't gain an obscene amount of weight (just 2 or 3 pounds) and all my jeans still fit, so I'm off to a great start. I need to make actual weight loss more of a priority and less of a hobby. For real.
That means taking Andrew's advice and incorporating weights into my workouts more than once a week, integrating interval training and not being such a cardio whore. (yes, it burns calories quick, but it doesn't KEEP my body burning them throughout the day).
That also means being meticulous about my food logging. No more uncounted handfuls of crackers, bites of cheese and snippets of cookies (I totally just effed this up already and had 3 bites of a HUGE delicious cookie that I have no intention of logging with my breakfast. What? It's Saturday!)

But, perhaps the most important part is that I actually have something awesome to motivate me to lose more weight---looking SUPER HOT in a wedding dress!!
Andrew and I got engaged after New Years! We're planning to get married this year (I mean we already own a house together, so why drag it out?). That means I have some SERIOUS work to do before October! Don't worry, I promise not to make this into a wedding blog.
We've done a lot of celebrating recently so that's another reason, er excuse, for my lack of blogging.

Anyhow, we've got a busy weekend: a community meeting, a kickball game, another celebratory dinner with friends and (at some point) a workout or 2. But I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.
Happy New Year, everyone!


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CONGRATS on your Engagment!!!! OMG You must be sooo excited!!! Remember planning my wedding, dear God that took forever didn't it? Congrats again!!!