Monday, January 26, 2009

On Accountability

I started this blog to force myself to be accountable. I knew that I would need more than moral support to be successful at this whole health/fitness/weight loss venture that I've been on. So I decided to blog. Maybe if people were reading and keeping up with me, then I would be less inclined to slack off. But part of people reading requires me to actually WRITE, which I haven't.
In fact, I have completely dropped the ball on this. And it shows. I just put my BodyBugg back on after having it off for over 3 days, I haven't logged food in over a week and I have ditched my cardio kick and am back on the 30 Day Shred.
Now, to be fair, I have had a LOT going on in my personal life and at work. I got the job I have been interviewing for (YAY!) and am now rushing to tie up as many loose ends here as I can before Feb. 13th. In addition, poor Mr. Puss has been super sick, which has put a great deal of stress on us at home. And (perhaps as a result) I've been drinking more. Not a lot more, but more than I was before the New Year.

But it's not excuse. I committed to this and have completely bailed on my commitment. For that, I apologize to the 5 of you who actually read this. These next few weeks are going to be a little crazy, but I'm dragging myself back on the wagon anyway. Which also means dragging myself back on the scale (and no, I did not get a new one, and last I checked, this one still hates me).

I think what bothers me the most about all of this is that I started this blog for me first and foremost. I'm reading everyone else's blogs and being supportive of their goals and acheivements and, at the same time, have completely ignored my own.

So, dear readers, I am dusting myself off and starting again. Tomorrow I will post where I'm at weight-wise, but I'd say that I am probably only down about 10 pounds from my starting weight, even though at one point, I was down 20. I am totally disappointed by this, but won't linger on it after I'm done this post.

"and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time"


Leslie said...

Well I certainly enjoy keeping up on your blog, so I'm glad you're back! I always need more to read in order to aid my procrastination at work.

Michelle said...

Yay for being back!!

[One of the Five]