Thursday, April 02, 2009

Back on the Buggg

Remember this guy? Ahhhh, my old friend, Body Bugg. Oh how I have ignored you sitting there on my nightstand for the past 1.5 months....

Time's up! I gotta get my butt back in gear. I have put back on all but 9 of the original pounds I lost. I'm feeling gross (Yes, I know that "gross" is not actually a feeling), and my clothes are a little tight and I know exactly what's to blame.

Its the little snacking bites of this...and that. And the random glasses of wine. And the "forgetting" to measure food. And the "forgetting" to log it. BUT NO MORE! The weather is getting gorgeous and I have lots of cute Spring clothes in my closet that I bought when I was 10 pounds lighter. And I'll be damned if I'm not getting into them!

No more excuses! I have taken on so many other parts of my life that I'm not satisfied with in the past few months. Everything, it seems, but my weight. That ends now. But I need your help, blog world!
I need accountability!
I need workouts that are different...and fun!
I need to not eat so much cheese!

Think wedding dress. Think wedding dress.....


Sarah Pearce said...

Hmmm ... I'm in the same place. I just found my self about a month behind where I want to be - mostly because I slacked.
I'm kicking bootay at the gym, but I'm starting to get bored with my routine. I'm thinking of taking a class. Have you ever taken a boot camp class?

jilly said...

You should come to Crossfit!

Becky said...

I haven't taken a boot camp class, have you? It sounds like a place where I would get hurt...

I love Crossfit but its such a pain to get all the way out there.

I'm meeting with a trainer tonight, we'll see what he says. I may invest in a once a week deal. I make too many excuses about how I can't afford it and then I spend money on shoes and clothes (that wont even fit my fat ass now) :-)

MizFit said...


(hows that? :))

seriously. if you think of a way I can lend a hand let me know---it's all about moving as much as you can and eating as clean as you can.

(maybe stop by and check out my post from this past tuesday?)