Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gone and Done It

Last week, I shelled out a whole bunch of money on myself.
No, not on shoes.
On a personal trainer.

I had a trial workout session with him last week and it was GREAT! Everything was designed for me and the things I want to accomplish. He even took the time to get in touch with my chiropractor before our workout so that he could find out more about my back issues and suggest exercises that would help alleviate some of my back pain, instead of making it worse.

I came home feeling great, but I was hesitant about spending the money.

And then I thought about how I can justify just about everything I spend money on (Examples: I need new tank tops for summer BUT its a good investment because I can also wear them all winter to layer. And, its hard to find a time when all of my friends can be together so dinner out is worth it. And, these shoes will go with my nicer work clothes BUT I can also wear them with jeans and dresses.) Justifying spending money is seriously a piece of cake for me. I do it without even knowing that I'm doing it. (The weird thing is that I'm also really good at talking myself OUT of buying stuff, too. But that's another post.)

So why was I having such a hard time justifying spending money on my health?

The hypocrisy of the situation became too apparent to ignore. So I marched myself back to the gym and slapped down my plastic. Yes, I will probably have to forgo a cute summer sundress or two, or a couple pitchers of margaritas.

But it's (I'm) worth it. Eh?

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Sarah Pearce said...

Good for you! You're going to be addicted!